Diabetes Patient Education

Diabetes Patient Education

Awareness about Diabetes is the cornerstone of diabetes management. Every diabetes patient requires day to day knowledge of the disease. Diabetes education makes patients aware of diabetes, its treatment and also gives power to control and manage the disease better. Awareness about the disease helps a patient to make necessary changes to improve his lifestyle.

Diabetes education should be an ongoing process that should be repeated every one to two years, either with a trained diabetes educator or a nutritionist.  This allows patients to keep up to date knowledge on his disease.

Kins Diabetes Speciality Centre over the past 3 years has taken the initiative to spread awareness on diabetes, its complications, treatment and management. Our team of registered dietitian and educator will help you know the basics of Diabetes management through a 1 hour interacting education class. The team works closely with referring physicians providing comprehensive patient management keeping them informed throughout the patient’s diabetes education progress.

The class will cover helpful suggestions regarding the four pillars of diabetes self-management which includes: medication, nutrition, stress management and exercise.

At Kins Diabetes Speciality Centre our doctor and dietitian can help structure an individualized diet plan that is tailored to suit the daily requirement on the basis of the Body Mass Index, Blood Sugar Levels, Status of Diabetes Complications and lifestyle of a diabetes patient.