Diabetic Nerve Care

Diabetic Nerve Care

retinaUncontrolled Blood sugar levels over a prolonged period can cause damage to the nerves throughout the body. Among the most commonly affected areas are the extremities, in particular the feet. Nerve damage in these areas is called peripheral neuropathy, and can lead to pain, tingling, and loss of sensation. Loss of feeling is particularly important because it can allow injuries to go unnoticed, leading to serious infections and possible amputations. Diabetes Kills 1 person in every 7 second and 1 foot is amputed in every 20 minutes.

Symptoms of Diabetic Neuropathy

The signs and symptoms of diabetic neuropathy vary, depending on the type of neuropathy and which nerves are affected. The common symptoms includes:

  • Numbness or reduced ability to feel pain
  • A tingling or burning sensation
  • Sharp pains or cramps
  • Muscle weakness
  • Serious foot problems, such as ulcers, infections, deformities, and bone and joint pain

Prevent Diabetic Neuropathy

Early detection and control of diabetes, taking good care of your feet, following a healthy lifestyle and routine foot exams can prevent, delay, or slow the progression of diabetic neuropathy.

Neuropathy Services at Kins

10 gm Monofilament study

A standardized filament is pressed against part of the foot. When the filament bends, its tip is exerting a pressure of 10 grams. If the patient cannot feel the monofilament at certain specified sites on the foot, he/she has lost enough sensation to be at risk of developing a neuropathic ulcer. Diabetic foot is considered to be one of the most serious complications for patients suffering from Diabetes.

Doppler study

Uncontrolled blood sugar levels over a prolonged period can lead to poor blood circulation in the blood veins. With the help of automated Doppler expert try to rule out the decrease in the blood circulation which may lead to ischaemia.

Biothesiometry Study of foot

Loss of sensation among diabetics is common. At foot care clinic, with advanced biothesiometry analyzer, early sign of nerve damage is ruled out.

Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic Foot and Wound Care Clinic at Kins Diabetes Speciality Centre is equipped with state of the art facilities for early detection and diagnosis of diabetic foot complications in diabetics. The services offered by foot care clinic includes:

Foot Screening

To rule out the complications like reduced blood supply, deformities in foot, calluse and infections every patients are screened by trained diabetic foot care specialist so that the early diagnosis can be done.


This is one of the unique facility available at Kins Diabetic Foot and Wound Care Clinic as major foot amputations can be prevented by timely chiropody. chiropodists are available for treatment of Calluses, corns and Ulcers . Pedicure services like Nail trimming and Chiropody are done and proper instructions are provided to the patient.

Customized Diabetic footwear

Most diabetic foot problems can be helped or avoided with proper footwear and or proper inserts or supports. Kins Diabetic Foot and wound care clinic over the last 3 years is providing continuous support to the people suffering from diabetic neuropathy, corn, ulcers, planters etc. The patients can order customized diabetic footwear as per his need at a very reasonable and affordable costs.