Diabetic Cardiac care

Diabetic Cardiac care

heartPeople suffering from diabetes are more likely to have heart disease or a stroke. High blood glucose levels over time can lead to increased deposits of fatty materials on the insides of the blood vessel walls. These deposits may affect blood flow, increasing the chance of clogging and hardening of blood vessels.

Risk Factor

Diabetes is a major risk factor resulting in heart disease and a variety of mechanism including Smoking, High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure are additional risk factors. There is also evidence that being overweight, having a sedentary lifestyle and poor blood glucose control contribute to the increased chance of Heart problems.

Prevent or Delay of Heart Disease

The best way to prevent or delay the heart disease resulting from poorly managed blood sugar levels over a prolonged period is to prevent diabetes itself. Moreover, involving oneself in at least 30 minutes of planed exercise six days a week and maintaining weight by following a healthy lifestyle can also reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease by 50%.

Cardiac Care at Kins

At Kins Diabetes Speciality Centre, a team of renowned cardiologists, nurse, technicians and paramedics work closely to provide quality cardiac care services to the patients. The Diabetes cardiac care service is well equipped with state of the art modern facilities to perform holistic cardiology check-up and diagnose heart ailments and complications resulting from diabetes.

ECG, Treadmill test, 24 hours holter monitoring and 2-D Echocardiography are the available non-invasive investigative facilities available in Kins Diabetes Speciality Centre.