Diabetes Awareness Camps

Detection & Awareness Camps

Over the past experience of four years in diabetes management it has been learned that diabetes can be easily managed by taking regular Oral Medicines / Insulin, Proper Diet management, 30 minutes of Exercises 6 days in a week and maintaining a balanced emotional well being. Most of the people diagnosed of diabetes are unaware of these diabetes management techniques and 50% of the people are still undiagnosed of diabetes. In the regions like North Bengal, Sikkim, Assam, Bihar, Nepal and Bhutan where the cost of health care is too high and appropriate health facility is not available the percentage of afflicted with diabetes is high and awareness is minimal. To make the people aware of Diabetes, its severe health complications and better management our outreach team is working tip to toe to reach to these people and make them aware through free diabetes detection and awareness camps.

The program is a philanthropic initiative of Kins Diabetes Speciality Centre. It involves taking a panel of medical team to the every corners of the region for the purpose of – Patient care, Education and Awareness.

Features of the Kins Outreach Camp
  • The Camp is organized in association with local NGO, Associations and other welfare organizations.

  • The people attending the camp would fill the Indian Diabetes Risk Score form to evaluate low, medium and high risk of diabetes.

  • The trained diabetes educator with the help of power point presentation educate the attending population about diabetes, its complications and management

  • Random Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure detection is done to diagnose diabetes and Hypertention

  • Proper lifestyle modification counselling is done to ensure better treatment and management of the newly diagnosed with diabetes

  • Free doctor consultation is provided to ensure proper diagnosis.