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Kins Diabetes Speciality Centre

Kins Diabetes Speciality Centre is one of its kind super speciality diabetes care facility that provides holistic diabetes care from investigations to complete management to the people of Siliguri, North Bengal, Sikkim, Nepal & Bhutan. 5000 registered patients over the period of 3 years, is a testimony to the continuous unparalleled diabetes care services provided by the institute to the patients.

Why Diabetes Care at Kins

Kins Diabetes Specialty Centre with state of the art Diabetes Education, Awareness, Medical and Diagnostics facilities is equipped to create an impact on the on growing diabetes epidemic and offer excellent diabetes services under a single roof.

8 AM to 11 AM: Complete Investigations
Blood, Urine, USG, ECG, X–Ray, Echocardiography


11 AM to 1 PM: Diabetes Education Session
Types, Symptoms, Risk Factors, Complications, Mgmt.


1 PM to 3 PM: Specialists Consultation
Screening, Retinopathy, Diabetologist, Nutritionist, Dentist, Foot

People screened
Satisfied Patients
Diabetic Footwear Delivered
Clinical Specialists
Delivering meaningful impact in lives of diabetics